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10 Instagram Reel Ideas for Social Media Managers

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It’s no secret that Instagram Reels are poppin’ off!


I’ve seen hundreds of Social Media Managers go from 1K to 10K / 20K / 40K+ followers and fully booked out in the span of a few months. 


Their secret? Consistently creating Instagram Reels that showcase their knowledge base and their work! 

Here are 10 Instagram Reels you can create as a Social Media Manager to attract your next client:

10 Instagram Reels Social Media Managers Can Create to Attract Their Next Client

Day In The Life of a Social Media Manager


One of the most popular types of Instagram Reels are "day in the life" style videos. Show clients all the different types of tasks you do in a day, how you work, the city you're based in, etc. This is your opportunity to showcase your services!

Client Feed Transformation


Did you recently work with a client where you completely transformed the way their Instagram feed looks like? Create a simple Instagram Reel that showcases how their feed looked like before you brought them on as a client, and what their feed looks like now that they brought you on! Visual examples are everything to potential clients.



This is a great Instagram Reel topic for Social Media Managers because you can create a number of videos with this - photography, content creation, analytics calls, scheduling, etc.


For example: are you spending the day photographing content for your clients? Take mini videos throughout the day and combine it into a short Instagram Reel. Not only does this showcase that you provide photography as a service, but shows potential clients the type of clients you work with and your photography skills.

What It's Like Working With Me


Potential clients have a hard time visualizing what it would be like to work with a social media manager. For many small businesses, it's their first time hiring out social media! The best thing you can do is to try to visualize how working with you would look like. For example, do you collaborate on Slack? Do you hop on monthly calls to discuss campaigns for the next quarter? Do you review analytics? Highlight some of the things you do.

Why My Clients Love Working With Me


Testimonials are EVERYTHING. Did you get a new dazzling review from a client? Spread the word everywhere, including your Instagram Reels! Compile a few reviews with images of their Instagram Feed, and you've got yourself a snazzy new method to building rapport with your followers and potential clients.

New Instagram Features You Should Be Utilizing


When you're a Social Media Manager, there's nothing more important than keeping up with the latest Instagram updates. If Instagram releases a new feature in the last week, create an Instagram Reel talking about the best ways small businesses can use that feature. Remember: the earlier you can hop on the trend conversation, the better!

Reasons Your Account Isn't Growing


More often than not, a big reason that small businesses outsource their social media marketing is because they're not seeing any growth in their accounts. Enter: you! A great way to attract new clients is to acknowledge their pain points on social media, so create an informative Instagram Reel that helps them on a small scale while also building trust with them.

Where to Find Your Ideal Customer on Social Media


Getting sales through social media isn't easy! Give your audience a few tips on how and where they can find their ideal customer. Is it engaging on specific hashtags? Is it engaging on location tags?

Mistakes You're Making with your Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest Account


Believe it or not, not everyone is a social media mastermind! There are many mistakes your potential clients could be making on Instagram, or Facebook, or Pinterest. Outline a few mistakes that they could be making, and hopefully they'll come running to you to help them fix those mistakes!

Tips to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following


Plain + simple! Give your potential client a few actionable tips that they can put into effect, and when they see that you know what you're talking about, they'll ideally hire you to manage their social media accounts.

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