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Need a more organized method to present your clients' social media analytics? Fear not! This Social Media Analytics Report Template will help you organize your thoughts into a cohesive report to present to clients during monthly analytics calls.

Analytics are the most important part of social media management! You NEED it in order to show clients why they've hired you in the first place and without it, you're not showing the value you're bringing their business.

Once you get your hands on our 13-page Social Media Analytics Report Template, just simply drop in your own photos, source your analytics number from your clients' social media profiles, and toot your own horn about your clients' growth.

Make yourself stand out among the competition with an organized and professional report to present to clients every month!

〰️ Social Media Analytics Report Template (Google Slides or Canva)

〰️ Instagram
〰️ Facebook
〰️ Twitter
〰️ Pinterest

〰️ You're a freelance Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Virtual Assistant, or Online Business Manager and want to impress your clients
〰️ You're a Social Media Manager or a small business owner who wants to understand which KPIs are performing
〰️ You're looking for simple, cohesive analytics report document to stay organized and impress your clients

Social Media Analytics Report Template

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    You'll receive "Viewing" access to our Google Drive files. Simply click "File" -- "Make a Copy" and save to your Google Drive. Then start working away!

What Social Media Managers Say

"I absolutely loved this kit (Social Media Manager Starter Kit). It took all the stress out of sourcing the documents individually or creating them myself. It was my way of outsourcing without the doubt of quality. I highly recommend."
- Rachel
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