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How to Fight Imposter Syndrome

as a Freelancer

How to Fight Imposter Syndrome Freelance


How many times do these thoughts go through your head:

  • What am I saying right now?

  • I sound like an idiot!

  • I have no chance - other freelancers will get the contract.

Especially as a freelancer, we're programmed to feel like imposters every time we talk to a new potential client, present results to clients, and overall just on a daily basis of working for yourself.

News alert: IT'S NORMAL!

Because we're our own boss, you depend on yourself to bring in an income; and unfortunately, there's so much competition of freelancers just like you all vying for the same contract.

But luckily, there are a few tricks I learned in my 7 years of freelancing that helped me fight imposter syndrome and talk to clients with confidence. How to fight imposter syndrome as a freelancer:

Work on your portfolio


Take a few hours and create a comprehensive, branded Services & Pricing Guide that outlines some of your best work. Really highlight the growth and campaigns you've worked on, include some of your best testimonials, and show all of your services in one clean, well-organized document.

Connect with other freelancers

Part of imposter syndrome is caused by social isolation. Connect with other freelancers in your city, join freelancer Facebook groups, or attend local networking events (post-COVID, of course).

Have a cohesive proposal & organization process

Organization is key when signing a new client. If you show them that you're organized, have your ducks in a row, and treat your freelance career like a true business, they'll be more inclined to sign with you.

Because think about it - if you were hiring someone, would you rather sign with someone who is scrambling to get everything done and writing unorganized emails, or someone who clearly has a process in place and knows what they're doing?

Thankfully, our Social Media Manager Starter Kit has everything packaged up for you and ready to complete ASAP. It includes:

  • Client Contract

  • Social Media Proposal Template

  • New Client Questionnaire

  • Social Media Audit Template

  • Social Media Strategy Template

  • Social Media Manager Checklist

  • Client Login Sheet


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