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templates created for social media managers, by a self-built six-figure social media manager

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Looking to level up your social media management game? Or maybe you're just starting your freelance Social Media Manager career?

These templates will help new and existing Social Media Managers sign more clients, look more professional with clients, and create a cohesive onboarding process. 

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Social Media Manager Starter Kit


The Ultimate Bundle!

Everything you need to kickstart your freelance Social Media Manager career! This bundle has all the templates new Social Media Managers need to successfully start their freelance career. Impress your new clients with a streamlined onboarding process, including the necessary contract, templates, and checklists.

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What Social Media Managers Say

"I absolutely loved this kit (Social Media Manager Starter Kit). It took all the stress out of sourcing the documents individually or creating them myself. It was my way of outsourcing without the doubt of quality. I highly recommend."
- Rachel

templates to help you sign clients

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templates for your new client

New Clients
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The Client Converter:

Learn how to consistently sign new clients as a freelance Social Media Manager without any sleazy sales tactics

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