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Learn how to consistently sign new clients as a freelance Social Media Manager without any sleazy sales tactics

The Client Converter:

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If you can relate, this course is for you:

👉 You're have the capacity to take on more clients, but you get stressed at the thought of being salesy.

👉 You spend way too many hours cold-pitching yourself, only to have it fall flat.

👉 If you get clients into your sales funnel, you can't seem to close the deal.

👉 You're worried you're losing prospective clients because your pricing is too high.



I'm Michelle!

I've been working as a freelance Social Media Manager since 2015 🤯

Over these last 7 years, I've developed a client converting strategy that has helped me make consistent $10K+ months, and work with over 100 different clients across North America.

Unfortunately, these days there are thousands of Social Media Managers, and it’s an easy industry to get into. But if you're not consistently gaining clients, then your freelance career is going to flop quickly!


But finding new clients shouldn't give you a headache! Which is why I've created this course.

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What's inside the course?

Module 1: Where to Find Clients

The big unanswered question for every Social Media Manager - where the heck do I find clients? We'll go over every method that's out there, determine which are the most effective (and which ones can be left behind!), and how to lead potential clients through your Lead Generation System (don't worry - we'll learn what this is and how to build your own).

Module 2: How to Find Your First Client

The international problem for every human out there: I can't get paid work because I don't have experience, and I can't get experience because I don't have any clients. So how do you get out of this bubble? If you're just starting your freelance Social Media Manager journey, we'll help cover the best methods to gaining your first client.


Module 3: How to Convert Leads to Clients

After your efforts of attracting potential clients, you have a lead! So what's next? You need to lead them through your sales funnel! We'll go through all the steps necessary for your lead to turn into a long-lasting client (they won't even have to think twice before signing with you!)

Module 4: What's Stopping Someone From Signing With You?

There are 2 types of clients: those who instantly reply “let’s do it!”… and those who ghost you for weeks. We'll review the 4 key reasons potential clients aren't instantly signing with you, and how to fix that.

Module 5: How to Keep Your Clients Happy

Constantly having to attract new freelance clients and operating from a place of hustle is exhausting and unsustainable. However, an incredible all-around client experience will keep your clients happy and stick around longer. In this module, we'll go over how to put smiles on your clients faces, exceed their expectations, and truly give them value for their money!

Extras: You know we're all about the freebies!
  • All the email templates you need to bring on new clients & lead them through the sales process

  • Mini Course: How to Price Your Services

  • Client Attracting Instagram Reels Topics for Social Media Managers

  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Social Media Managers (you can ask me literally anything, get support from fellow freelancers, and more!)

Ready to get more clients?

You'll receive an email when we launch the course!

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