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stop worrying about your next post!

Imagine a world where you never have to stress over daily posting, worrying about the algorithm, or keep guessing whether social media is working for you or not.

Social Studio Co is a full-service digital marketing agency that will work with you to create an in-depth social media strategy that aligns with your goals and is supported by concrete data.

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All packages are customized based on needs. Clients typically invest $2000/month.

Social Media Management

We'll take social media off of your hands, while also making sure you're always in the loop. Using an in-depth social media strategy, we'll curate content that engages your audience and drives brand awareness.

Includes: strategy, copywriting, content calendar, graphic design, engagement, analytics

Email Marketing

If you're not utilizing email marketing, you're missing out on conversions and conversations! Whether you need an email funnel built out or monthly email campaigns, we'll build well-designed and eye-catching emails for your brand. 

Includes: strategy, copywriting, content calendar, graphic design

Influencer Marketing

If you're a product-based business, influencer marketing is a necessity in this digital age. We'll manage the outreach and monitor the ROI of influencer marketing, and ultimately help you build out the required processes.

Includes: research, outreach, budget management, analytics

Add-on Services:
📸 Product Photography / Content Creation
📱 Live Social Coverage
✍️ Blog Writing

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"Michelle is AMAZING! As a small business owner, you try to juggle it all and it can feel daunting to off-load something and hand over the keys, so to speak! Investing in Michelle and her social media chops has easily been one of my best investments. Not only have we hit major follow + engagement milestones, her efforts have actually meant new business."

client raves!
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envision this...

A Social Media Proposal customized for your brand with three packages for you to choose from.

A thorough onboarding process, complete with a contract, a custom Social Media Strategy, and a small to-do list to help transfer over your social media quickly.

Monthly content calendar outlining ideas for upcoming campaigns or days of the year, as well as last-minute trends that we should capitalize on.

Monthly analytics reports that analyze what's working well (and similarly, not working well!) with suggestions on what we can do next month to continuously grow.

Constant communication and regular calls with your Social Media Manager to ask any questions, talk through any last minute campaigns, or just bounce ideas off of.

You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be!

past clients

We've worked with over 30 amazing businesses!

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working with us



Our first step with any new client is to build out a custom strategy, where we'll analyze your competitors, identify your target audience, and what success will look like. We'll follow this document as we build out our content & revise as necessary.

Analytics are the basis of how we develop content month-to-month. We'll analyze your KPIs and content to determine what working and not working, and with that we'll revise our strategy to ensure we're always developing with the changing algorithms.



Your social media profile is your first impression on social media - and it's not just about updating your profile photo. We'll optimize all of your profiles with the proper search terms, call-to-actions, and keep it up-to-date as we grow your brand.

Ever wanted to be included in Vogue, InStyle or other major publications? We will monitor public relations stories that fall into our inbox and, if we see something that your brand will be a perfect fit for, we'll work with you to submit you for the story!



We know it's hard to hand off a part of your business! That's why our custom content calendar will keep you in the loop at all times. We'll look ahead at upcoming campaigns and days of the year to curate your content

Keywords are key on social media these days. From captions to hashtags, we'll research the proper keywords that your brand should be using across all platforms for expanded reach on all of your posts.


I'm Michelle!

CEO, Social Media Expert + Your Biz Bestie

I've been in this since the beginning - from Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the tragic death of Vine, and plenty of Instagram shutdowns - and this is all AS a social media manager, not simply a user!


I also have something that most social media managers don't have - a unique understanding on how to use data & observe social behaviors (I'm a Statistics & Sociology major, so this is my jam!).

When I'm not snuggling on the couch with an addicting reality TV show or lounging poolside with my laptop, I help ambitious freelancers launch their freelance social media management business & achieve their dream life (whether that means traveling the world while making $10K+ months, or never leaving your apartment!)

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