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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STAR REVIEWS → Our products get 5 star reviews from all of our customers! You won't regret your purchase 


Are you ready to take you social media management business to the next level? Our Social Media Proposal template will impress your new freelance clients, land you those dream clients and elevate your social media manager career.


This essential template for Social Media Managers contains everything you need to personalize a proposal for your potential clients. This template will help you structure your social media proposal in a way that clients will instantly want to sign on with you.


✍️ Crafted by Experts: Social Studio Co has used this exact proposal outline for years to grow our own business, with a 95% success rate!


📝 Customizable and Flexible: Tailor the template to your specific client's needs. This social media proposal provides the flexibility to adapt to various industries and objectives.


🎨 Visually Stunning: Aesthetics matter! Our social media proposal comes with visually appealing design elements to make your presentation visually engaging.


Our social media proposal template is expertly designed to save you time and showcase your skills. It includes everything you need to present your ideas effectively.

**Available for Google Drive and Canva**

〰️ You're a Social Media Manager
〰️ You need to outline and present a social media proposal and you don't know how to start it
〰️ You're looking for a simple, clean & minimalist social media proposal powerpoint to impress your clients
〰️ You want to start signing more clients and beat out the competition!

〰️ Instructions
〰️ 16 Page Social Media Proposal Template (access via Google Drive or Canva)

〰️ Social Media Mission
〰️ Brief analysis of the competition
〰️ Social Media Audit
〰️ Next Steps
〰️ The Investment (Package Pricing)
〰️ And more!

👉This product is part of our Social Media Manager Starter Kit →

Social Media Proposal Template

  • Once payment clears, you'll be redirected to a page to download your digital product. Download the relevant files to your computer. Once downloaded, you can open the file and start using it immediately.

What Social Media Managers Say

"I absolutely loved this kit (Social Media Manager Starter Kit). It took all the stress out of sourcing the documents individually or creating them myself. It was my way of outsourcing without the doubt of quality. I highly recommend."
- Rachel
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