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Four Things to Stop Doing as A Freelance Social Media Manager

Freelance Social Media Manager Mistakes

There is nothing worse than making mistakes in the beginning of your freelance Social Media Manager journey that cause you more stress and less money - especially when all of it could have been avoided had you had someone to guide you!

Having been working as a freelance Social Media Manager for 9 years, I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way - especially in the first 2 years! But because I've already made these mistakes, you don't need to!

Here are 4 things you should stop doing as a Social Media Manager:

Stop Signing Every Lead That You Have A Discovery Call With

Your discovery call is not just for your potential new client to get to know you, the Social Media Manager, but also for you to get a sense of whether you vibe or not. If you don't get good vibes during your initial call (aka they seem a little micromanage-y or try to negotiate your terms), you'll likely be struggling with this client in the future!

Stop Lowering Your Prices or Providing "Trial Periods"

Never EVER give discounts or trial periods, because the truth is - you're still doing the same amount of work! If a potential client can't afford your services, then they aren't the right client for you. Remember your worth!

Stop Being Available on Weekends

There usually aren't any "social media manager emergencies", so if a client messages you on the weekend or at 8PM on a weekday, you're within your right to wait until business hours to answer it (especially if you outlined it in your Social Media Manager Client Contract!). There's no reason for you to sacrifice your weekend for a social media post!

Stop Working with Clients Who Don't Trust You as a Freelance Social Media Manager

Clients will seek out your social media management services for a reason - they need help with their social media accounts. If you find yourself constantly defending yourself or find that your client is micromanaging you, it's time to let them go! Your job should not be costing you your mental health!

Remember: just because you're a freelance Social Media Manager, does not mean that you should be sacrificing everything you believe in and your mental health for a client!



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I'm Michelle!

When I'm not snuggling on the couch with an addicting reality TV show or lounging poolside with my laptop, I use my 9 year Social Media Manager career to help ambitious freelancers (like you!) launch their own freelance social media management business & achieve their dream life (whether that means making $10K months or working from anywhere in the world!)

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