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Discovery Call Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Clients as a Social Media Manager

discovery call questions you should be asking as a social media manager

As a freelance Social Media Manager, your success relies on more than just creating content for social media; it also depends on finding clients who are the right fit for you and your social media management services.

One of the first steps in your client onboarding process is the Discovery Call. It's your opportunity to begin to understand your potential client's needs, sell yourself, and prove to them that you can provide value to their business.

Here's are the top questions you should be asking potential clients as a Social Media Manager during your discovery call to help you land ideal clients:

What are your primary goals from social media?

First things first, you need to understand your potential client's social media goals. Are they looking to increase brand awareness? Drive traffic to their website? Generate leads? Boost sales?

Different goals require different strategies, and understanding this from the beginning will help you create a social media strategy that meets their specific needs.

Who is your target audience?

Knowing who your potential client's target audience is key to creating a social media proposal that's specific to the client (and hopefully later on, effective social media content). Ask about demographics, where they live, interests, and behaviors. This will help you craft your social media strategy and content that resonates and engages the right people.

Can you tell me about your current social media efforts? Do you have a strategy in place? Is there anything that has brought you the most success?

Understanding their past experience with social media (both positive and negative!) can give you valuable insight. It can help you understand their expectations, and also help you sell yourself and reassure your potential client that working with you will be a different experience for them.

Side note: has your potential client previously worked with a Social Media Manager? If they've gone through multiple Social Media Managers, this can be a red flag - you should carefully gauge why they're looking for a new Social Media Manager!

Do you have a content strategy in place?

Social media is all about content - if you don't have content, you don't have a social media presence! Figuring out if they have product photography, graphics, videos, etc. available will help you figure out how to price your package (i.e. if you need to film content, you should be pricing more than if they provide you with the content!).

What do you want your brand to look like in five years? Are there any accounts you aspire to be like?

This is one of those questions that makes you memorable! It's actually stumped many of my clients. This question also helps you understand their vision and what they ideally want their social media accounts to look like.

What are you looking for in a Social Media Manager?

This is a great question to end your discover call on! You want to make sure that you're compatible and that you have a similar idea on what the partnership could look like. Your goal is to gauge how they envision working with you, whether it's hands-on and collaborative, or you have full creative control to do whatever you want!

Asking the right questions during your discovery calls with potential social media management clients is essential for setting the stage for a successful client relationship. Not only will these questions help you understand your potential client's needs, goals, and past challenges; but it will also help you position yourself as a knowledgable and experienced Social Media Manager.

If you want to level up your discovery calls as a Social Media Manager, find my entire Discovery Call Questionnaire in the Social Media Manager Starter Kit (complete with a Social Media Manager Client Contract, Social Media Proposal template, Social Media Strategy template, and more!)

So, next time you're hopping on a discovery call with a potential client as a Social Media Manager, make sure to have these questions in hand! They just might be the key to signing a new social media management client!



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