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What To Include In Your Social Media Proposal

key elements to include in your social media proposal as a social media manager

As a freelance Social Media Manager, one of your most important documents in your client onboarding process is your Social Media Proposal. Putting together the perfect proposal is crucial for signing new clients and growing your freelance social media management business. This is typically your last chance to show off your skills and build trust with your potential client before they decide whether or not they want to work with you!

Here's a guide on what to include in your social media proposal to make sure it stands out and convinces your potential clients to sign with you:

Social Media Mission

Clearly define your client's objectives for social media marketing. Briefly outline who their target audience is and what their goal is for social media. This will help them feel confident that you know how to create a strategy that will market to the people who are actually interested in their business.

About Me

At some point in your social media proposal, you should include an introduction about yourself and your business. Include:

  • Who you are and your background in social media management

  • What you specialize in and what makes you unique

  • A brief sentence about the results you've been able to acheive

This will not only remind your client of your credentials, but will also help build rapport.

A Brief Analysis of Client’s Current Social Media Numbers & Their Competition

Show that you've done your homework by providing a quick overview of your potential client's current social media presence, as well as their competitors. The goal from this is to determine which platforms your potential client is already on and their success based on follower numbers, as well as analyze where their competitors are spending time and effort on and if it's aligned with what you're suggesting for social media management.

This can be done through a quick table of Social Media Platforms X Businesses (competitors and your potential client), and documenting the number of followers within.

I would not recommend going much beyond that quick analysis. Anything that requires you to look at the type of content, engagement rate, etc. will go in your Social Media Strategy. You don't want to give away all of your great ideas for free before the client even signs with you.

Proposed Strategy and Tactics

Again, without going into too much detail, you should outline the tactics and strategies you will use to achieve the client's goals.

Where are you getting content from? What type of content are you going to be posting (i.e. Reels, graphics, testimonials, behind-the-scenes)? Are you implementing paid ads? What about inbound and outbound engagement? How is this all going to work together?All of this should be briefly outlined in your social media proposal.

Social Media Management Package Pricing

One of the most important slides in your social media proposal - your packages and pricing!

It's normal to offer three different packages to your client, each just slightly different in terms of deliverables. Clearly outline what each package will include, as well as which package you would specifically recommend for your potential client's needs.

Need help pricing your packages? Check out our Social Media Manager Pricing Calculator.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Including case studies and testimonials from past and current clients can strengthen your social media proposal by demonstrating your success and reliability.

How did you help your past clients? Did a specific strategy help them grow exponentially? Using specific numbers and percentage growth (similar to what you would include in a resume) is key here because it gives your potential client an idea of how you can help them.

Next Steps

Clearly outline the next steps to move forward. This ensures that the client knows what to expect and how to proceed.

Typically the next steps in an onboarding process are:

Creating a detailed and well-structured social media proposal is your key to signing new social media management clients and establishing a successful freelance Social Media Manager business. By including these key elements, you demonstrate your professionalism, build rapport, and show off that you can actually help them with their social media goals.

Be sure to take the time to personalize each proposal, and watch your freelance Social Media Manager career grow!



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