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- For Social Media Managers -

Social Media Business Audit

Do you find yourself stuck in your Social Media Management business? Maybe you don't know what's next or how to scale to $10K months.

We'll take a deep dive discuss what’s working in your business, and more importantly, what’s not working; analyzing everything from your package services + pricing,

You'll walk away with a cohesive business strategy, a customized sales strategy, clear direction on your package services + pricing, and me in your back pocket for 2 weeks!

- For Clients -

Social Media Management

Social media is a full-time job, so why try to do it yourself when you could be focusing your efforts somewhere else (like running your business and growing it to larger scales!).

I have a unique understanding on how to use data & observe social behaviors (I'm a Statistics & Sociology major, so this is my jam!), and provide clients with well-rounded approaches on how to increase brand awareness and conversions.

Filming a Video
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