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6 Essential Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs


As entrepreneurs, we're constantly in need of accessories to make our lives better & easier. But chances are, we don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend when we’re trying to grow our own businesses. Luckily, we found & tested a few products this last month that we can safely say we swear by (really!). And the best part is — everything is less than $20! #affordable!

Felix Grey Glasses


Reality is, we’re staring at our computers and iPhones for at least 75% of the day. And while we’re truly fortunate for having jobs where there’s no physical labor necessary, it’s definitely taking a toll on our eyesight! I recently saw a post on Instagram sponsoring Felix Gray - an eyewear company made specifically for filtering out the blue light coming from our screens (which gives us headaches, eye strain, and keeps us from sleeping soundly at night). 


  • Shop a cheaper version (with Amazon Prime!) of Felix Gray here - $19.95 (for better eye health? Sign us up for 5 pairs!)

Selfie Ring Light


This little guy has been a staple since we saw the Kardashian’s using a similar product on KUWTK. It’s cordless, compact and has three different light settings to take the perfect selfie or product photo at night (great for us night owls who get inspired after the sun has set…). You’ll definitely step your game up with this external light - no more photos with horrible lighting.


  • Shop the selfie ring light here - $8.99


Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote Control & Tripod


When you’re an entrepreneur, you likely don’t have an assistant to help you take photos (unless you have an Instagram boyfriend on hand!). Yes, sometimes you’ll need to recruit some help from friends or neighbors, but what if I told you that you’d be able to manage by yourself most of the time?


Enter the smartphone tripod & wireless remote control! With this combo, you can take photos of yourself (not selfie-mode!), flatlays, or even just product/lifestyle shots that are 100% still (aka there’s no accidental motion blur). This one’s a real game-changer if you’re required to take photos on a daily basis!


  • Shop the wireless smartphone camera remote control here - $8.99

  • Shop the smartphone tripod here - $13.95


Glass Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is one of the hardest things to remind yourself to do throughout the day - especially when you’re an entrepreneur and LOVE what you’re doing. Remembering to refill your water glass is impossible… unless you have a snazzy water bottle to keep on your desk.


This glass one with a red silicone cover is great, and the bamboo lid makes it even cuter! Plus, it won’t break the bank like other trending water bottles out there.


  • Shop this adorable water bottle here - $9.99


Instagram Story Stylus


How many times have you been in this situation: you’re drawing/writing something on your Instagram Story with your finger and spend 10 minutes rewriting it because it just looks… well, like a 2-year-old did it.


Well 2-year-old, no more! A stylus is your new best friend. The peanut butter to your jelly. The straw to your La Croix. The stylus to your Instagram Stories. It’s super portable and incredibly precise when using it to draw or write anything. 


And the best part, you don’t have to splurge $100 on an Apple Pencil!


  • Show the rose gold stylus here - $10.99

Do you have any other essentials that you can't live with out? Let us know on Instagram!


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