Why E-Commerce Business Owners Need a PR Strategy


As one of the most powerful methods of marketing, public relations (PR) stands at the top amongst necessities like social media and email marketing for small businesses. And yet, so few business owners understand what PR is or the type of success it can bring to the table (aka, their business). 


Everyone wants to get air time on Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways, placed in national magazines, or even shop up on a YouTubers video with over 1 million views.


But unfortunately, so many business owners are stuck in one of these two scenarios:

A) Don’t know how to do it so they hire a PR firm for thousands of dollars per month

B) Don’t know how to do it, so they put it on the sidelines and never revisit the option


Time and time again, I’ve seen small business owners not only refuse to invest in PR (which makes sense when you have to account for all costs!), but also not take the time and effort to research how to do their own PR. Why? Because their scared away from the difficult, tedious process.


Unfortunately, I have to give it to you straight.


You NEED a PR strategy in place for your e-commerce business! Whether you own an online store, boutique, or even have a service-based business, you need to invest some time in PR. And I’m a huge proponent of doing it yourself. 


Why? Because when you do your own PR you…

Have Control Over What You Say & How You Say It


Your business is your baby. You want to shout about it from the rooftops and let everyone know! You know all the details, all the background behind it, and the enthusiasm to get others to love it as well. So who better to brag about it than you? No PR firm will do a better job at loving your business than you. You can control what you say and get all the facts right the first time.

Own Your Media Contacts


No, I’m not saying you own the people you’re in touch with. But you’re building that relationship with editors and media contacts that will be important to your business in the future. When you hire a PR firm, their staff makes up the contacts on your behalf. You never truly have contact with the media. And worst part? If you end up cutting ties with your firm, all those contacts go with them and you no longer have access to that contact, nor the potential placement lead. And let’s be honest - it’s never a bad thing to expand your network as an entrepreneur.


It's Cheaper!


It’s easy to point fingers when a lead falls through. Unfortunately, when you’re doing your own PR, you have no one to blame but yourself! And here’s where the BUT comes in… but you also don’t say goodbye to thousands of dollars flying out the door. I’ve heard many horror stories about business owners hiring massive PR agencies and not getting a single placement for months. You could create excuses for them like they’re lazy, or have bigger clients (with bigger retainers) to please - but let’s be honest, there’s no excuse for taking your money and running like that! It’d be easier to take the time and do it yourself.

And the best part? It doesn’t need to cost you $10,000 per month. In fact, it doesn’t need to cost you anything! Because ultimately, the best person to brag about your your company is… well, you. 


Unfortunately, there’s a massive lack of literature (aka blogs) on PR that gives it to you straight. All the necessary details from the types of placement available, to how to write the perfect pitch, and who to contact (and how to get their information!!).


Which is why I wrote up an easy-to-follow e-book that lays it all out for you. And I’m talking ALL of it. Placements, pitches, my top secret (and FREE) method to obtaining media contacts -seriously… no one else uses this method. I developed it all on my own and has landed me and my clients placements in SELF Magazine, InStyle, USA Today, and Forbes (just to name a few). I also drop a few ready-to-use templates to instantly get into the groove and start pitching.


Read all about it in my ebook “Life’s A Pitch: Becoming Your Own Publicist”.


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