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Life's a Pitch:

Become Your Own Publicist

How to pitch successfully & land free publicity for your business

Social media? Check. Email marketing? Check! Public relations? Uh oh!

Are you eager to garner 100% free publicity? Do you know how to quickly pitch a publication without wasting your time (and their time!)? Do you know where & how to get an editors contact information?

Chances are, you’re missing out on an essential part of marketing!

It’s time to learn how to land large editorial placements in magazines, make effective deals with YouTube & Instagram influencers, and most importantly, save yourself thousands of dollars by not hiring a PR team.

Exactly what you'll learn:

  • Identify exactly who you should be reaching out to (and who you should not be contacting!)

  • Uncover a top-secret (and FREE!) method to obtaining important contacts - no expensive platforms needed!

  • Solve your confusion on the purpose of pitching media contacts

  • Determine how to craft The Perfect Pitch that will increase your response rate
    + 5 example email pitch templates!)

  • How to optimize & streamline your PR process at no cost (and I mean it - NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!)

THIS STRAtegy has landed our clients in:

Forbes PR Placement Do It Yourself Public Relatons
NYLON Magazine PR Placement Do It Yourself Public Relations
Self Magazine PR Placement Do It Yourself Public Relations
Travel + Leisure PR Placement Do It Yourself Public Relations
Brides Magazine PR Placement Do It Yourself Public Relations

"If I only had two dollars left, I'd spend one dollar on PR."


This e-book is for entrepreneurs &

e-commerce business owners who:

  • Are ready to amp up their presence in print & online media.

  • Want the (free!) tools necessary to obtain media contacts & build a thorough database.

  • Don’t have the budget to hire an entire PR team or agency.

  • Want an email pitch that will make any magazine and influencer want to work with you.



Watch your sales skyrocket with our cost-free PR strategy!

What's included:

  • A 100% free strategy for obtaining highly-ranked media contacts, social media influencers, & celebrity managers.

  • Lifetime access to the "Life's A Pitch: Become Your Own Publicist" ebook and add-ons.

  • 5 example email pitch templates used to secure multiple placements in publications such as InStyle, Cosmopolitan, and SELF Magazine.

  • Tips & tricks to save money & streamline your PR process.

  • Example responses you may receive in return, and how to respond to them.

Life's A Pitch_ How to Become Your Own P

One-time payment:


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