3 Steps to Avoid the Instagram Shadowban

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The shadowban is real. 

If you're one of the millions of Instagram users who have noticed their follower growth decreasing and your engagement rates slowing to practically a halt, you're a victim of the dreaded shadowban. Basically what's happening is that Instagram is hiding your posts and your account in the depths of social media. Your posts aren't appearing in search results or within hashtag searches. And since your posts aren't showing up, no one sees your posts, and ultimately restricting your account from growing.

And the worst part? You don't even know that you're being shadowbanned. There's no notification. No announcement that you're part of this list. But you'll know when all of a sudden your 100+ likes per post goes down to 4 likes.

So how can you avoid the Instagram Shadowban? Well, honestly - play by the rules and you won't have a problem!

Use Different Hashtags


I can't stress this enough, but using the same set of 30 hashtags is a terrible thing to do when growing your Instagram profile. Sure, maybe these 30 hashtags are some of the best in your niche, but it's not worth getting shadowbanned over it. Instagram will catch on to the repetition - I guarantee it!


Do your research and get at least three sets handy within each type of post (i.e. food, home decor, laptop flatlays).

Luckily, we've already done the hard work and set up over 700 hashtags for you in our 2017/2018 Hashtag Guide. Just a simple copy & paste will put you on the right track to grow your Instagram accounts.

Stay Away From Growth Apps


This one is simple - bots violate Instagram's terms. Any comment-bot, like-bot, or automatic following softwares, stay away! There's a reason so many of these growth softwares (like Archie) have shut down. Instagram knows when you're liking too many posts in a row or following too many people at once, and will ultimately leave you shadowbanned.

Stop Unfollowing


Let's say you signed up for one of the auto-follow softwares and it left you with 2000 more profiles under your "Following" list. PSA: that's the worst! You don't want those bots and spam accounts showing up on your feed, so you start unfollowing like crazy. BUT - Instagram sets a daily limit on how many profiles you can unfollow per day. If you're constantly being blocked from unfollowing too many people at once, you're at risk for being shadowbanned.

So you see, these are three easy steps to stay out of the shadowban. Just follow the rules and you should be in the clear!


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